In 2016, we relocated from our previous location in Yonkers, NY into a newly-constructed and greatly upgraded space in Mount Vernon, NY.  The new facility was designed my Francis Manzella and FM Design.  

Live Room and Iso Booths

Our warm and inviting live room (42' x 30' x 13') is a wonderful space for chamber music and acoustic ensembles of all types, and it can comfortably accommodate large ensembles of up to 25-30 musicians.  The 140 sq.ft. main/drum booth and 70 sq.ft. sound lock / iso booth are adjacent to the live room and are supplemented by a small, fully enclosed booth (ca. 50 sq.ft.) for bassists and soloists within the live room itself.  Control Room B (ca.275 sq.ft.) doubles as a larger iso with HD CCTV links to all other recording areas, and similarly the sound lock can accommodate soloists with visual connectivity to the other rooms. In all, a total of four isolated spaces with sight lines to and from the live room are available.  Additional space with audio-only tie lines is available for guitar and bass amp isolation.

Control Rooms

Oktaven's 415 square foot Control Room A provides ample space for critical listening and editing.  The room and monitoring were tuned by Francis Manzella for a flat frequency response and wide sweet spot.  Equi-Tech balanced power provides clean mains voltage for all of the outboard gear, console, and monitoring.  

Control Room B was designed with the same room ratios as the A room and serves as a comfortable editing and tracking space for smaller projects as well as an auxiliary iso for the main complex as required.