- API Legacy AXS Mixing Console
Pro Tools HDX (v.12.8.1)  - 64 analog in / 64 analog out over Dante
Burl B80 Mothership (fully-loaded 32 x 32 system)
- Ferrofish A32 Dante (32X32 analog, MADI, Dante, ADAT converter)
- (2) Focusrite Rednet HD32R
- Computer: Mac Pro 5,1 12-core 3.46Ghz, 64 Gb RAM, four internal SSDs and USB3 card

- Studer 903 Mixing Console
- Pro Tools HD1 Accel (v.10.3.1) - 32 analog in / 32 analog out
- (2) Apogee AD16X / X-HD
- (2) Apogee DA16X / X-HD
- Tascam DM4800 digital mixer (Editing Room)
- TC Electronics BMC-2 

The main control room is built around an API Legacy AXS console.  This board, installed by API in September 2018, is a 48 channel frame short-loaded with 32 in-line channel strips.  It's an incredible sounding desk and a pleasure to work on,  and we're thrilled to be one of the few studios in the northeast running a Legacy AXS.  

- 32 inline channels (64 inputs)
- 24 212 mic pres
- 18 550A EQs
- 4 560 EQs
- 2 550B EQ
- 1 235L Gate / Expander
- 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
- moving fader, mute, and insert automation on all channels, stereo returns, and stereo groups with DAW control via HUI mode
- 6 stereo returns
- 12 aux busses
- 24 multitrack busses
- 4 stereo busses
- total of 80 inputs at mix
- onboard patchbay

Our B-Room features a Studer 900-Series mixing console that was originally installed at the Metropolitan Opera House as its main broadcast board. 

- 36 mic / line / tape inputs (28 mono / 4 stereo) with excellent 4-band eq (2-position selectable Q on each band)  and sweepable hi-pass and low-pass filters on all inputs, separate PFL and AFL ("P-Solo") for each channel
- Channels 1-24 have been modified with mic-pre direct outputs that operate independently of the channel strip.  These outputs are balanced with massive Lundahl transformers that were removed from one of the original Focusrite consoles. 
- M/S encoding and stereo width adjustment on stereo inputs 29-36
- 4 auxes (3 mono, 1 stereo) on all channels and groups, selectable pre / post, with sweepable hi-pass filters, PFL, and talkback on the aux masters
- 8 subgroups with pan and aux sends
- 2 stereo master groups
- 8 stereo aux monitor inputs
- inserts (unbalanced with separate send / return) on all channels, with balanced inserts on groups and masters
- 8 1X4 distribution amps
- comprehensive talkback, monitoring, and studio output features with 5 TB channels, slate, three stereo monitor outputs, PFL / AFL buss out, mono select and stereo adjustment.


Plugins and software
- Pro Tools HD 12.8.1 / 10.3.1
iZotope RX 6 Advanced, Ozone 8
- FabFilter Pro C, Q, L, MB, Reverb
- Softube Weiss Complete collection, Abbey Road Brilliance Pack, Tube Tech complete collection, Harmonics
- DMG Limitless
Waves V9 (CLA-2A, CLA-76, Puigtec EQs, PuigChild Compressor, API 2500, API 550, J37, L2, Center, Q10, Q-Clone, AR Plates and Chambers, IR1, etc)
- Melodyne 4
Altiverb 7
- Seventh Heaven
Sound Toys TDM Bundle, Little Microshift, DevilOr, Little Plate
- Sonnox Dynamics, EQ, Inflator, Transmod, Restoration, Limiter
- Auto-tune 8
Pro Audio DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper
- Massenburg Design EQ
URS Classic Console Equalizers and Compressors
- Massey Tape Head, L2007
- AAS Modeling Instruments (Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, Tassman, String Studio)
- Arturia ARP 2600, MiniMoog, Analog Factory
PSP Delays / Nitro
- Focusrite D2 / D3
- Sonoris DDP Creator
- Reaper 64