COMING SOON!  We're very excited to announce that we have ordered a new API Legacy AXS mixing console for Control Room A!  The new desk is scheduled to be commissioned in September 2018, so please stay tuned for more details... We can't wait!  

- Studer 903 Mixing Console (36 x 8 x 4)
Pro Tools HDX (A-room, v.12.8.1)  - 56 analog in / 64 analog out
Burl B80 Mothership (fully-loaded 24 x 32 system)
- Farrofish A32 Dante (32X32 analog, MADI, Dante, ADAT converter)
- (2) Focusrite Rednet HD32R
- (3) Apogee AD16X / X-HD (v.3)
- (2) Apogee DA16X / X-HD (v.3)
- Pro Tools HD1 Accel (B-room, v.10.3.1) - 32 analog in / 32 analog out
Cranesong Avocet DA / Monitor Controller
- Tascam DM4800 digital mixer (B-room)
- TC Electronics BMC-2 

Our Studer 900-Series mixing console was originally installed at the Metropolitan Opera House as its main broadcast board. This incredibly clean console is maintained by Ken McKim and features:

- 36 mic / line / tape inputs (28 mono / 4 stereo) with excellent 4-band eq (2-position selectable Q on each band)  and sweepable hi-pass and low-pass filters on all inputs, separate PFL and AFL ("P-Solo") for each channel
- Channels 1-24 have been modified with mic-pre direct outputs that operate independently of the channel strip.  These outputs are balanced with massive Lundahl transformers that were removed from one of the original Focusrite consoles. 

- M/S encoding and stereo width adjustment on stereo inputs 29-36
- 4 auxes (3 mono, 1 stereo) on all channels and groups, selectable pre / post, with sweepable hi-pass filters, PFL, and talkback on the aux masters
- 8 subgroups with pan and aux sends
- 2 stereo master groups
- 8 stereo aux monitor inputs
- inserts (unbalanced with separate send / return) on all channels, with balanced inserts on groups and masters
- 8 1X4 distribution amps
- comprehensive talkback, monitoring, and studio output features with 5 TB channels, slate, three stereo monitor outputs, PFL / AFL buss out, mono select and stereo adjustment.


Plugins and software
- Pro Tools HD 12.8.1 / 10.3.1
iZotope RX 6 Advanced, Ozone 8
- FabFilter Pro C, Q, L, MB, Reverb
Waves V9 (CLA-2A, CLA-76, Puigtec EQs, PuigChild Compressor, API 2500, API 550, J37, L2, Center, Q10, Q-Clone, AR Plates, IR1, etc)
- Melodyne 4
Altiverb 6
- Auto-tune 8
Pro Audio DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper
Abbey Road / Chandler Ltd EMI TG 12413 limiter, TG Mastering EQs, (Softube) Brilliance Pack
- Massenburg Design EQ
Sound Toys TDM Bundle, Little Microshift, DevilOr
- Oxford (Sonnox) Dynamics, EQ, Inflator, Transmod, Restoration, Limiter
URS Classic Console Equalizers and Compressors
- Massey Tape Head, L2007
- AAS Modeling Instruments (Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, Tassman, String Studio)
- Arturia ARP 2600, MiniMoog, Analog Factory
PSP Delays / Nitro
- Focusrite D2 / D3
- Sonoris DDP Creator
- Reaper 64