Pianos and Keyboards

- 1987 Hamburg Steinway D, rebuilt in 2009 by Arlan Harris and Klavierhaus

- 1963 NY Steinway D, rebuilt in 2016 by Ludwig Tomescu, on loan from Max Barros

- 1977 Rhodes Mark II - Suitcase 73 converted to a Stage w/ external PSU, recently rebuilt by Vintage Vibes.  Owned by Mike Holober, this beautiful Rhodes is available for an additional rental cost - please contact us for details. 

Drums and Percussion

(shell measurements are depth X diameter)
- early 80s Gretsch kit (11"X12", 13"X14", 16"X18")
- mid-60s Gretsch tom 8"X12"
- early 60s Ludwig kit (9"X13", 16"X16", 14"X20")
- 70s Ludwig 22" vistalite bass drum (available upon request)
- 70s Rogers Dyna-Sonic Snare (5.5”X14”)
- '60s Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (5"X14")
- George Way "Aero" aluminum snare (6.5" x 14")
- Yamaha 'Peter Erskine' 12" snare (4"X12")
- DW / Pacific wood hoop snare (5"X14")
- Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 22" bass drum from New York Percussion Services;  available for additional rental fee - please contact us for details.
- Gretsch Catalina floor tom 14"X14"
- Istanbul Agop signature 14" hi-hats
- Istanbul Agop signature 21" ride
- Sabian HHX 16 ‘Studio Crash'
- Zildjian A 12 ‘Special Recording' hi-hats
- Zildjian K 14 ‘Custom Dark' crash
- Zildjian K 16 ‘Dark Crash Thin'
- Zildjian K 20 ‘Custom Dry' ride
- Zildjian K 20 ‘Custom Flat Top' ride

- Roc n'Soc original saddle throne
- DW 3000 hihat stand
- DW 7000 bass drum pedal
- Yamaha FP-9500C bass drum pedal
- Yamaha HS740A hihat stand
- (7) boom cymbal stands
- (3) straight cymbal stands
- (4) snare stands

Additionally, Oktaven Audio works together with New York Percussion Service to offer discounted rates on rentals. New York Percussion Service was founded by Jeffrey Irving and Joseph Tompkins to provide NYC-area percussionists with a full catalog of top-quality instruments deliverable for any performance situation.


- Ampeg SB12 tube bass amp combo ('67)
- Ampeg SVT-15E cabinet
- Fender Super Reverb ('78 silver face) 
- Fender '63 Vibroverb RI ('93)
- Fender Champion 600
- Fender Blues Junior
- "'65 Deluxe Reverb" clone, built in-house at Oktaven from Weber 6A20 kit, Mercury Magnetics transformers, NOS tubes, point-to-point wiring
- Marshall JTM45 (1962 "Bluesbreaker") RI loaded with Weber AlNiCo "Bluedogs"
Orange Dual Terror head
Orange PPC 112 cabinet
- THD Hotplate (8 ohm)

Guitars & Basses

- Epiphone Sheraton (early 90s)
- Fender SRV Stratocaster (mid 90s)
Fender '72 Telecaster Custom reissue
- Fender '53 P-Bass reissue MIJ
Gibson J-45 
Paul Reed Smith McCarty (Indian rosewood neck)


Electro Harmonix Memory Boy, Poly Chorus, Big Muff Pi
Fulltone Clyde Wah
- Home Brew (HBE) UFO, Tramp
- Ibanez TS9
- Marshall Bluesbreaker
- Menatone JAC JFET Compressor (original version)
Mu-Tron III+ (re-issue)
- Mu-Tron Phasor II (original)
- Phase 90 (original), Micro Amp (original)
- MXR (Dunlop) Jimi Hendrix Fuzz
- Boss CE-3 Chorus,CS-3 Compression, PN-2 Tremolo/Pan, BD-2 Blues Driver, RE20 Space Echo
- ProCo Turbo Rat
- Thomas Organ Co. Cry Baby