How can I book a session?

For booking, please email  

Where is Oktaven?

35 Grove St, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 - click on the maps below for directions by car or train (please take the HARLEM line MNR to the Mount Vernon WEST station):

How is the piano tuned?

The Hamburg D is tuned to 441.  

What are your rates?

Please write us for a rate sheet, or for a quote on your project.  We issue written estimates, never verbal, and we will only honor written estimates. .

How large of an ensemble can you accommodate?

Depending upon variables like specifics of instrumentation and layout, percussion setups, etc, we can handle groups of up to 30-35 musicians.

Can I bring my own engineer or producer?

Yes, we welcome outside engineers and producers.

Do you contract musicians for sessions?

No, but we can recommend professional contractors that can work with you on this.

How many iso booths are there at Oktaven?

Four. We have one main drum booth, about 140 sqft, which has sight lines into the control room and the live room.  There’s also a bass/soloist booth in the live room. The sound lock (ca.77 sq.ft.) and Control Room B (ca.270 sq.ft.) can also be used for additional iso space.

How early can I arrive for my session?

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time unless an earlier arrival is specifically agreed upon at the time of booking.


Oktaven will maintain an archive of client session data while work is still in progress.  It is highly recommended that each client bring a Mac, MS-DOS (FAT), or ExFat formatted external hard drive (solely dedicated for your project) to the initial session, so an archive can be made for you.  Oktaven does not bear responsibility for archiving client data after delivery of a master or other finished product.


Photos (awesome ones) by Will Ellis